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The Premiere Event

Red carpet

Welcome to the red carpet.

The Premiere Event for Trekkies Into Darkness was a wildly wonderful time for the friends who made up the seven-member cast of Trekkies Into Darkness, along with the couple of outsiders who were present for the gala event, such as the distinguished Mistress of Awards.

It was held two days before the worldwide release of Trekkies Into Darkness, on February 8th, 2014.

This section serves as the centerpiece for all that pertains to the Premiere Event; from photo galleries, to blog posts, and most of all, the nineteen minutes that made up the lively Trekkies Into Darkness Premiere Event video.

This section will not provide written commentary on the event, as that will be a treat left to the The Making Of. For now, jump to the blog post found in Links & Extras, where a nice overview of the evening is given with the release of the Trekkies Into Darkness Premiere Event video.

The Trekkies Into Darkness Premiere Event

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Photo Gallery

This Photo Gallery is a best-of collection from the hundreds of photos that were photographed of the evening. These photographs were taken by Wes’ father, Dave Brooks. Latterly, a series of scans are also displayed, from the evening’s numerous documents, contracts, and award ballots.

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Sir Frisco snuggles with his favorite actress, Sophie Newton

Links & Extras

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Red carpet

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