Who Will Survive

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Who Will Survive (2014)


A mobile robot with anti-gravity capability named R.O.V.E.R. inconspicuously follows contestants Zalandra Borealis Smith and Freddy Squander, documenting their exploits of survival in the unforgiving desert wilderness, to answer the question: Who Will Survive?

Runtime: 21 minutes | Released: 03/31/14

  • Aurora Townsend as Roboticist/Zalandra Borealis Smith
  • Wes Brooks as Host/Freddy Squander
  • Jonathan Ehler as Tribe Chief
  • Hope Ehler as tribe native
  • Jenna Ehler as tribe native
  • Maddy Roby as tribe native
Frame of Roboticist
Aurora as Roboticist

Frame of Host

Wes as Host
Frame of Zalandra 1
Aurora as Zalandra Borealis Smith
Frame of Freddy Squander
Wes as Freddy Squander
Frame of tribe natives
Jonathan Ehler as Tribe Chief (center)
Maddy Roby (from left), Hope Ehler, and Jenna Ehler as tribe natives (back row)
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