Viewpoint: A Convention of States

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Viewpoint: A Convention of States (2014)


During Viewpoint, a one-man opinionated program hosted by Chet McCrimpson, Lawrence enters the studio, combating the scheming host on issues of federal government supremacy and the American citizen’s place. Lawrence defends State Sovereignty, champions Constitutional liberties, and makes a passionate proposal, calling for: a Convention of States, in Viewpoint: A Convention of States.

Runtime: 6 minutes (The Director’s Cut); 3 minutes (COS Cut) | Released: 03/22/14

Viewpoint - Convention of States, Tape I (03-19-14)
Wes as Chet McCrimpson

Viewpoint - Convention of States, Tape II (03-19-14)

TR as Lawrence
The Theater

1. View The Director’s Cut, in The Theater.

2. View the COS version.

Enter The Theater

The Scholarship Contest (CONTEST CLOSED)

Viewpoint: A Convention of States is an entry into the Convention of States project’s scholarship contest under Citizens for Self-Governance. The Director’s Cut is not the contest submission. Therefore, votes on the COS version will determine our chance to win.

A vote can be made every twenty-four hours through a Facebook account, on an exclusive page. This Vote Page awaits proud participants, below…

Vote Here (Contest Closed)

for Wes Brooks Productions to win the Convention of States scholarship contest

We have until March 31st before the curtain closes on the contest. Learn more, here.

Take the stand with Lawrence, as we triumphantly “strive to be vigilant Americans, and a freedom-enduring people.”


Viewpoint - Article V prop

The Article V prop

Viewpoint - Lie Money prop

The “Lie Money” envelope prop

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