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Wes is 19, a lover of the arts, and has pursued filmmaking for most of his life. A freshman in college, he currently studies Mass Communication.

In 2014, he started this website and made a few videos before launching a no-budget dramatic feature film called Space Prairie. He began writing in 2013 and spent more than a year finding like-minded young people to be a part of it. The bulk of production began in 2015 and concludes this spring. The crew have had the time of their lives making it and developing endearing friendships.

Much work in post-production awaits before Space Prairie can be released. Wes hopes to release it later this year.

His pre-2015 videos don’t reflect serious work as much as nostalgia and self-parody (excluding With Each Onward Dawn).

He treasures his family, friends, and the root of all joy, Jesus Christ.

     Wes in April 2015

Updated March, 2016