The Trekkies Into Darkness Premiere Event

Hello friends,

Here it is, as promised: the Trekkies Into Darkness Premiere Event video. šŸ™‚

Up until the premiere, fellow costars and best of friends, Sophie and James, along with myself, had made quips about having a dressy, gala red carpet premiere. Well, the colorful idea remained in the forefront of my mind when thinking about the filmā€™s release, until it was time for its release.

After completing the film and setting a release date in the midst of releasing the trailers and kicking off the website, I invited the cast, and all of the private Nerd Con group (which the cast is largely made up of) for a Trekkies Into Darkness Premiere and First Annual Nerd Con Film Festival/Achievement Awards.

The event became a co-collaboration between myself and James (founder of Nerd Con) after James had given the more-recent suggestion that an awards ceremony, as apart of a film festival for the group, be held in addition to the premiere. I loved the idea of having awards, but was initially struck with hesitancy. I wanted the emphasis of the evening to be the premiere of the film.

I soon laid my fear to rest by calling the evening The Trekkies Into Darkness Premiere & First Annual Nerd Con Achievement Awards, and I am infinitely glad the evening became both. As you’ll see in the video, the film festival was a great addition that added terrific momentum to the night and heightened the friendships among us. It was a blast!

James and Wes (02/08/14)Wes (right) and James (left)

In an effort to spice things up, I produced a welcome slide (below) earlier that day before the premiere began. Gustav Mahler’s enchanting fifth symphony played along in the roughly eighteen-minute HD video track of the still. Listed on it, were the films of the festival.

Premeire and Film Festival slide

The Welcome Slide

With the expansion of the Trekkies Into Darkness page, I hope to share more about the fun evening and display some more pictures in a section dedicated to the premiere.

Wes, Sophie, EJ (02-08-14)Wes (left), Lead Actress Sophie Newton (center), Filmmaker EJ Newton (right)

But the video that I have to share (which became a bit like a short TID sequel!) pretty well captures the whole essence of the evening, from the red carpet bustle, the history-making contract signings, to the spectacularly enjoyable awards ceremony.

Watch the Premiere Event Video

Until the further developments on the Trekkies Into Darkness page, I have a new video that will be released just around the corner.

We can look forward to that, this upcoming 20th of February. I should really just tell you what it is, but there’s a hint of it somewhere in this post. šŸ˜‰

Until then, have a joyous weekend. Stay happy, stay healthy, and enjoy the work Iā€™ve done, thus far.

Upwards and onwards,





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