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With Each Onward Dawn (2014)

Accompanied by the visuals and sounds on a foreign, earth-like planet in a neighboring solar system, cast members of Wes Brooks Productions’ feature film, Space Prairie (In Production) reflect on the 2014 production of the film and launch its future for 2015, With Each Onward Dawn.

Runtime: 2 minutes | Released: 12/31/14

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Who Will Survive (2014)


A mobile robot with anti-gravity capability named R.O.V.E.R. inconspicuously follows contestants Zalandra Borealis Smith and Freddy Squander, documenting their exploits of survival in the unforgiving desert wilderness, to answer the question: Who Will Survive?

Runtime: 21 min. | Released 03/31/14

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Viewpoint: A Convention of States (2014)


During Viewpoint, a one-man opinionated program hosted by Chet McCrimpson, Lawrence enters the studio, combating the scheming host on issues of federal government supremacy and the American citizen’s place. Lawrence defends State Sovereignty, champions Constitutional liberties, and makes a passionate proposal, calling for: a Convention of States, in Viewpoint: A Convention of States.

Runtime: 6 min. | Released 03/22/14

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This Time in History: The Battle of Gettysburg (2014)


This Time in History: The Battle of Gettysburg is centered around the American Civil War’s Battle of Gettysburg, as explored by two fictional hosts-at-odds, Chet McCrimpson, and Lawrence, on the fictitious television program, This Time in History.

Runtime: 16 min. | Released 02/20/14



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Trekkies Into Darkness (2014)


Trekkies Into Darkness is an offbeat documentary and reality film detailing the experience a close group of Star Trek fans, and not so Star Trek friendly friends, had in seeing the latest J.J. Abrams revamp of the classic Star Trek series, Star Trek Into Darkness. Venture with the group as they see the film, provide banter, and are soon caught up in a lively aftermath none of the ensemble foresaw.

Runtime: 63 min.Released 02/10/14

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