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Trekkies Into Darkness is a feature film that was released on February 10, 2014. The film served as the debut project of Wes Brooks Productions’ 2014 kickoff.

This page endeavors to hold every facet of the film, chronicled here. Spectacles including the shimmering galleries of the film’s promotion: The Poster Gallery, and The Trailer Gallery, with extensive commentary and “makings of” throughout their pages. The grand Premiere Event also displays itself, along with The Theater, Links & Downloads, and the future Making Of, and the contents of the home page: the Cast, Summary, and Full Plot.


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  • Sophie Newton as Herself
  • Wes Brooks as Himself
  • James Ware as Himself
  • John Ware as Himself
  • EJ Newton as Herself
  • Anna Myers as Herself
  • Grace Newton as Herself


Trekkies Into Darkness is an offbeat documentary and reality film detailing the experience a close group of Star Trek fans, and not so Star Trek friendly friends, had in seeing the latest J.J. Abrams revamp of the classic Star Trek series, Star Trek Into Darkness. Venture with the group as they see the film, provide banter, and are soon caught up in a lively aftermath none of the ensemble foresaw.

Technical Information

  • Runtime: 63 minutes (1:03:30)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 704 x 480 (NTSC DV Widescreen)
  • Frame rate: 29.97 fps

Full Plot


The road to Trekdom, en route to the theater

On May 27, 2013, Wes, a Star Trek fan, arms himself with a video camera and picks up his friends and fellow Star Trek enthusiasts, James and John, setting off for their mutual destination. Once they arrive at a local theater basked in anticipation for the new Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness, equal anticipation is held for the arrival of Anna, who is indifferent towards Star Trek, and the anti-Trek arrivals of EJ, Grace, and the most outspoken of the Star Trek haters, Sophie Newton.

Trekkies Enter Theater 2
The Trekkies enter the theater
Anti-Trekkies Arrive
The Anti-Trekkies enter the scene

Sophie boisterously pronounces her pure hatred of Star Trek and is prepared to loathe the movie. Afterwards, the gang meets at Wes’ apartment to discuss the film. Banter ensues, and Sophie makes sure to interject her irreverent questions of Trek-naivety and audacious quips in between the purist opinions of the Trekkies, James and Wes, of the film and its place in the Star Trek franchise. James is favorable of the movie, claiming he would consider it a Star Trek film, unlike his take on the 2009 predecessor. Wes states that he has an ambiguous relationship with the new films, and feels they are an enigma.

Sophie soon pushes the limits of her audacity by sincerely proposing, “Spock is the Jar Jar Binks of the Star Trek universe.” John and James, overwhelmed by the lunacy of the extreme statement, combat it by setting the record straight of Spock’s role as a character. Sophie profusely disagrees.

After the discussion, as had closed with a series of amusing character impressions by Wes, the Director’s Edition of the revered Star Trek: The Motion Picture which James and Wes crown as the paramount achievement of the film franchise is shown for its first few minutes.

After Sophie has a strong reaction of disgust at the 1979 entrance of Lt. Uhura, a character Sophie admitted to liking in Into Darkness, the film bursts forward to five days later, June 1, 2013. A view of a cloud-filled skyline sweeps forward as accompanied by the unbelievable narration of Wes’ revelation that Sophie considers herself a Trekkie, and has invited him to see Star Trek Into Darkness, again, for a second time. Wes is shocked, and anticipates how the new showing will fare.

The Second Theater

The theater of June’s excursion

On a ride to the theater, as raindrops drizzle outside the vehicle, Wes, despite his shock, accepts Sophie’s claim to Trekdom as he documents her newfound positivity as expressed with an unquestionable exuberance.

Sophie emphasizes that her interest in the film lies in the relationship of Spock and Uhura. Upon entering a new theater, Sophie waltzes over to a large theatrical poster of the film, hugging it in a graceful embrace. She proceeds to scan the poster, pointing her finger on the names of Spock and Uhura’s masters of their portrayal. After the film, in an exit from the theater, a big sky of a rare kind of beauty and depth reveals itself. Wes hints of his consideration that the redeemed skyline of a formerly rainy day is to attribute to Sophie’s salvation to Trekdom.

Sophie Embraces Poster alternate

Sophie embraces the Star Trek Into Darkness theatrical poster

Sophie, on a ride back from the theatrical spectacle, communicates her wish that her transition to accepting Trek not escape the confines of her family’s knowledge, and Wes’ knowledge. She also initiates a scheme to withhold the truth from James and John, during a home viewing of 2009’s Star Trek that would be arranged to take place the next day.

Independently, Wes wanders on a pathway glistened by the golden resilience of a most rare sunset, pondering the merits of Sophie’s new development. Wes reaffirms his ambiguous stance on the new Star Trek films, but firmly realizes and cheers on its effectiveness at converting a non-Trekkie, into a self-professed Trekkie, let alone an outspokenly superfluous “anti-Trek queen” into a blossoming fangirl.

June Skyline
A June skyline

Wes forecasts that while Sophie’s primary interest in Star Trek is in the relationship between Spock and Uhura, she will eventually broaden her acceptance of the universe as her caring for the two characters who occupy it, is a gateway. With gleaming optimism, Wes chants, “She’s just taken her first step into a larger world.”

June 2, 2013, opens with Wes outside his stomping grounds, the library. After a rough twenty minutes of frantic search for the Star Trek (2009) disc for the upcoming showing, Wes is saved by a trip to a movie store on part of Sophie, who had exchanged text messages with Wes about her attainment of a Star Trek (2009) Bluray rental disc.

Sophie Salutes
Sophie salutes

Sophie, overflowing with greater positivity than her previous day as a Vulcan-saluting fangirl, and her unconverted sister, EJ, who has no loss of mockery to spew for her disdain of Star Trek and her sister’s conversion, were the first to arrive for what would become a monumental afternoon.

Sophie shares of the persecution she has received by her largely anti-Trek household, including physical confrontation by her siblings; present company of EJ, included. Sophie ecstatically elaborates more of her journey into Trekdom, as EJ counters this with her anti-Trek hand signs.

EJ Anti-Trek Salute
EJ flashes an “Anti-Trek sign”

James and John, garbed in classic Star Trek uniforms and a miniature U.S.S. Enterprise in hand, arrive at the scene to revisit 2009’s Star Trek, and more importantly, witness Sophie’s anti-Trek facade before her breakdown revelation.

John Arrives in Uniform
John arrives in uniform
James Arrives in Uniform
James arrives in uniform, with an unprecedented collared button-up shirt, underneath.

Once inside, James runs through his remembrances of 2009’s Star Trek from his first 2010 viewing. John appears to have forgotten the film, altogether, and Wes recounts his seeing the film on his birthday, the second day after 2009’s American debut in theaters. Wes’ original viewpoints on the film were no less appalled by the film than his current state of opinions.

Overall, James and Wes share in their offense taken of many of 2009’s aspects, as, several minutes later, once the film is begun, are considered colossal components of the writing. During the film’s opening, Wes maintains that the film had enormous potential for greatness. Many minutes of the film, later, the film is paused for frame by frame analysis in search of a certain droid and its future-telling easter egg. After several shots were flown through, the unmistakable icon of RD-D2 of the Star Wars mythology was spotted in alarming clarity among the debris of the scattered space field.

RD-D2 in Star Trek (2009)

Before a touching scene between Spock and Uhura is to occur, Sophie has the film paused so that she may reveal herself as the Star Trek fandom’s newest recruit and champion Spock/Uhura loving shipper.

James and John are struck with shock, so much so, that to Sophie, their silenced reaction undermined their shock. Wes and John simultaneously pointed this out, as John added, “Vulcan minds think alike.”

Converted Sophie
The converted Sophie

Sophie takes James and John through her recent evolutions of Trekdom, as James points out EJ’s look of near eruption signifying the dire disapproval EJ has of Sophie’s state. Sophie proclaims, “I’m a Trekkie! How did that happen?” Wes, feeling nostalgia for the times of old back in Sophie’s heyday as reigning ambassador of Trek hate, says, “Let’s reminisce and play some clips from the Nerd Wars podcast.”

With that prompting, a smooth transition takes us to the Great Debate of summer, 2012, when James and Sophie first met to duke it out over Star Wars versus Star Trek; a universe Sophie mercilessly lampooned throughout the flashback sequence, concluding with Sophie’s boisterous words of great irony, “I will never touch Star Trek again.”

Sophie Meets James, 2012
Sophie meets James for the Great Nerd Wars Podcast Debate, in summer, 2012

Fading into a surreal year later, a flowering Sophie Newton graciously raises a Vulcan hand salute with a multitude of joy.

Returning from the flashback, Sophie expresses interest in marrying one of Gene Roddenberry’s relatives in a scheme she has long established for attaining the properties of her fandoms. She becomes hesitant, however, when considering her preexisting commitment to Jett Lucas, adopted son of former Star Wars owner, George Lucas.

Sophie irrationally compromises with plans to marry the second actor to adorn the visage of the pointy-eared, blue-uniform-clad Trek icon.

The Trekkie Foursome
The Trekkie foursome beam up

James, in an escalation of pure Trekkie eruption, belts out the infamous cry of Captain James T. Kirk’s from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. With the last reverberations of James’s cry, the Trekkie foursome of James, John, Wes, and the miracle convert, Sophie Newton, give salutes of a Vulcan fashion, and beam up to wherever the starship Enterprise has in mind, next. “The fandom adventure continues…”

Poster Gallery

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One of the most enduring elements of a film, I’ve found, are the colorful posters that embody it. It is a core element that has provided me a great deal of fascination. The colors, the layout of the characters, the various titles, the stylization of the fonts—it simply ignites you with the imagination of the film.

When I began dreaming up films after the turn of the millennium, I made infinitely more film posters than I ever did the films, themselves! 🙂 With the completion of this film, creating the posters was all the more rewarding… (continued in the Poster Gallery)


The Trailer Gallery

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Trailers are one of the most exciting parts of pre-release. Along with posters, they have a wonderful mystique. They both have the job of juggling the film, discerning what is revealed of it, and what is not, in its own fashion that suits its medium.

The trailer, as opposed to the poster, is juggling more than a single frame. A poster and trailer, are separate mediums than the film, but when simply considering film to be a duration of images and sounds, a trailer is of the same medium. That’s a bit blasphemous, isn’t it? Before you demand I seek a confessional, allow me another sentiment… (continued in the Trailer Gallery)


The Premiere Event

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Red carpet

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Welcome to the red carpet.

The Premiere Event for Trekkies Into Darkness was a wildly wonderful time for the friends who made up the seven-member cast of Trekkies Into Darkness, along with the couple of outsiders who were present for the gala event, such as the distinguished Mistress of Awards.

It was held two days before the worldwide release of Trekkies Into Darkness, on February 8th, 2014.

This section serves as the centerpiece for all that pertains to the Premiere Event; from photo galleries, to blog posts, and the nineteen minutes that made up the lively Trekkies Into Darkness Premiere Event video… (continued in the Premiere Event)


The Audio Commentary

TID Audio Commentary widget icon alternateAn audio commentary of Trekkies Into Darkness, hosted by Wes and Sophie… (continued in the Audio Commentary)

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The Theater

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“When claiming the future, one cannot dwell in the past.”

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