Trekkies Into Darkness (Post-Release)

Note: I’ve communicated my desire to expand this page with many new cohesive and finalized features. This past week, editing the new premiere video (below) consumed my time, and I didn’t want to rush this page, overnight. Therefore, this will be the last minor update to this page until it is completely finalized for time’s end. See you then. ~Wes (02/15/14)

Trekkies Into Darkness Main Feature poster

Trekkies Into Darkness is a newly-completed film (Currently showing in The Theater). This page colorfully features all aside from the film, itself, and will greatly expand in the coming days after the release of a Trekkies Into Darkness Premiere Event video revealing the fun extravaganza its cast had. The new content that the all-too near future holds, includes…

  • Behind The Scenes or Making Of section
  • More, updated image galleries (including unreleased and scrapped posters)
  • Exclusive Videos (more on this curious notion in the not-too-distant future…)

But enjoy the plenty that already rests, below.


  • Poster Gallery
  • Trailer Theater
  • The Premiere Event video [NEW!]

Poster Gallery

#1. Teaser Poster (Released February 3rd)

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Poster

Promotional alternate (featuring website URL):

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Poster promotional

The promotional posters (like above) are the ones to use if you would like to write about or publicize in an online article about the film. (No copyright is enforced nor am I sure I have one! 😉 )

#2. Wide Supplemental Teaser Poster (Released February 3rd)

Trekkies Into Darkness Supplemental Wide Teaser Poster

Promotional alternate (featuring website URL):

Trekkies Into Darkness Supplemental Wide Teaser Poster promotional

#3. Full Cast Feature Poster (Released February 5th)

Trekkies Into Darkness Full Cast Poster

#3. Main Feature Poster (Released February 10th)

Trekkies Into Darkness Main Feature poster

The Main Feature poster (above) was directly based off of the first initial poster I created. However, I withdrew it, altogether, where it was primarily seen on the pre-release homepage as the teaser posters were released. I replaced the original poster with the Wide Supplemental Teaser poster (poster #2) on the homepage.

In preparation for the film’s release on the 10th, I revised the original poster planning it to be the definitive poster of the film, as I had deemed when I created the original. However, the revision was more akin to the stylization and layout of the Full Cast Feature poster (poster #3).

Like the Full Cast poster, I had color behind the Trekkie foursome, and the TID title heading was energized with more color and vast complexity in contrast to the simpler heading of the teaser posters and trailer title cards (not thumbnails). Additionally, the planetary-like ellipse-arc that was prominent in the teaser posters, became a prominent feature below the foursome’s beam up.

While I was very proud of it, something nagged at me, subconsciously. Second lead actor of the film and closest of friends, James Ware, offered mild criticism at the Premiere Event for Trekkies Into Darkness when I showed it to him, stating that he preferred the simpler grace of the previous heading. My subconscious concerns, surfaced, and minutes before the film began being uploaded for its internet debut (around midnight, on the 9th), I simplified the poster, while adding subtle changes that were not as overbearing as they were corrective. Examples of this include (1. a smaller-sized website URL at the bottom (you’ll note I ditched the whole non-promotional version of the poster in much more favorable exchange of simply making the URL smaller and less bright), (2. a non-colorized glow beneath the foursome, and (3. a streak of feathered gray over the title heading; a similar effect of dimensionality as used in the trailer titles. Speaking of…

Trailer Theater

Teaser and Feature Trailer title card

Unfortunately, there is a striking visual discrepancy that occurs multiple times throughout the below trailers. There are short instances where frames that are supposed to be fully black, reveal the first frame of what is meant to come after the blackness. The dramatic effect and original flair is strongly slashed because of this, and I hope you can look past it. It was an error that could not be remedied in time before the release.

#1. Teaser Trailer (Released February 1st)

#2. Feature Trailer (Released February 5th)

The Premiere

Sophie, Wes (02-08-14)Wes interviews Lead Actress, Sophie Newton

On February 8th, I hosted a premiere for the film. In addition to the premiere, the evening also functioned as the First Annual Nerd Con Film Festival which ensued a series of awards that were won by yours truly, and the other filmmakers of the Nerd Con group.

Over the week that I put this video together, it felt like working on a short sequel! 😉 Enjoy.

Watch the Premiere Event Video

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