Hi folks,

I’m thrilled that you’ve made it through the vast labyrinth of the internet to turn up here for the launch of my penniless productions company that I’ve looked forward to putting out there and developing for some time.

Since the mid-latter slice of December, I have diligently worked on a film project that was shot in the summer of last year. The film is Trekkies Into Darkness, a fun, quirky, offbeat docudrama of sorts pertaining to the release of the second J.J. Abrams Star Trek film revamp, and the experience a close group of friends/Star Trek fans had in seeing it, along with the lively aftermath the ensemble did not foresee.

Trekkies Into Darkness Supplemental Wide Teaser Poster promotional halfsize

Trekkies Into Darkness (2014) Wide Supplemental Teaser Poster

Trekkies Into Darkness will be released on February 10th.

Until then, and until I further build this site up from the ground, stay healthy and happy and enjoy the second month of the New Year, friends. 🙂


Enter onto the Trekkies Into Darkness page which is…

  • Updating with newly released posters and other promotional material as they come “hot off the presses” until the film’s eventual release.
  • Embedding both the teaser, and main trailer.

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