The Resources

Space Prairie will be shot on the Panasonic PV-GS300.

Panasonic PV-GS300

It is a several year-old standard definition camcorder. Before you start having doubts, here are two frames of footage as would appear in the film:

Frame Example Frame Example 2

The art of Space Prairie will be “making more, with less.” It is an attitude purposeful of the Director/Producer, who has declined several offers for free use of HD equipment. Sound for the film will incorporate a mic setup that is more advanced, however.

There are a handful of crew members that will be committed to the management of…

      • Camera
      • Sound
      • Makeup
      • Costuming
      • Props

No major lighting equipment will be used. When possible, natural light will be used. Indoor sequences will be lit under limited control of artificial light sources.

The film has no confined budget, and is predicted to be made for under $500. The commitment and dedication of the people involved in the film, is the production’s highest asset.