The Production Plan


within the Peoria area (15 min. within the Shoppes at Grand Prairie)

There will be several phases of Production, lasting from Summer 2014 to Fall of 2015. The story is divided into an Act I and an Act II.

The focus, when Production begins, is on filming Act I.

The film is primarily an outdoor film, but has many indoor scenes, as well.

The first Phase of Production will be the outdoor, summertime scenes of Act I. There are five scenes in this phase.

The second Phase of Production is the indoor scenes of Act I. There are ten scenes in this phase.

Because some scenes take place in an outdoor locale and in an interior locale, it is important to note that these scene counts are intermixed.

In total, there are thirteen scenes in Act I.


The script

Scripting on Act II will not be finalized until the Production’s hiatus during the winter of late 2014/early 2015.

On Phase One, schedule would range from afternoon to evening filming for each of its scenes. On Phase Two, no filming day would be less than three or four hours spent in an interior location.

For each phase, there will be several all-day filming days.

Phase Three and Four would repeat the models of Phase One and Two for the filming of Act II.

Act II will have the most scenes of the film (and largely the most outdoor scenes of the film.)

Act II will make up the bulk of the film, as Act II’s first phase of production (Phase Three) is the most plot-intensive and action-oriented chapters of the film.

Production Plan

The film projects a large scale of commitment needed of the people who will be involved.

The schedule will be largely irregular compared to the specific scheduling of most films made within the film industry. Dates for Space Prairie are not being locked down months ahead of time.

However, the production plan highlights an overarching direction for where production would nestle. But time, and a foreseeable schedule availability is essentially needed from those involved.

Space Prairie is a long-term project making no small demands of its participants.