Dialog Sample

In a technologically decorated room, a quiet man and woman studiously orchestrate the thirty-two pieces of a chess board that exists between them.
We slowly travel around them as the climax of their game intensifies. Two electronic antennas pass by us, in the forefront of the camera's passing view.
After our graceful establishing shot, we sharply cut to the seemingly winning hand.
Janice looks at her husband with a sly confidence, awaiting how he'll escape the trap she had set for him.
We then cut to the man called Jack Knight. His worn and dreary face echoes of the countless adventures he once had in his long life as a solo-adventurer. Having explored much of the galaxy beyond anyone else, having encountered so much of its secrets, wonders, and seemingly inescapable dangers, he quietly ponders how he will get out of this one.
It is a line of thought for him, that became as regular as every inhalation of breath.
Removing his hand from his face, and leaning back in his chair, he cooly and warningly glares back up at his companion, with unwavering collectivity.
He glances back down at the board beneath him. And with so simple a gesture, he makes it out, alive.
Janice Knight, with her hands folded and resting on her face, gives Jack a sharply displeased glance, facially implying she will get him back in a future victory.
That wouldn't be the first time you've done this.
Out from his contemplative silence, a cold Jack Knight responds jokingly, yet dryly.
Beaten you at chess? Certainly not.
Janice Knight surfaces the habit of precise luck her husband possesses.
No. Gotten out alive at the last second.
Janice's words are ones that resurrect the times of years ago. When Jack encountered and discovered things that no one else has so easily experienced. He is the galaxy's greatest unheralded adventurer. But this is a harkening back to a bygone day, a closed chapter of his life.
I've done that more than anyone else I can think of.
You're unlike anyone else I can think of.
It was one that was closed for his final years, as he rests and reflects with his companion on the beautiful and remote planet.
But the future, now lies lost in question. Grave question. Question of survival, that nags at the aging former adventurer. With sensitivity and thoughtfullness, he projects his sentiments on these weighty matters. Matters that will soon be introduced.
We'll see how fate fares us in the coming days.
Is John on his way?
In his next three words, Jack signifies the immediacy of the situation.
He'd better be.
With that, a smooth sounding chime is sent off, alerting Jack to his arrived visitors. The pleasant reverberations of the sound provide irony and thought for Jack: That the looming threat of tomorrow will soon cry its own sound of fury, to replace the present sound of peace, representing company.