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The Film

Space Prairie takes place in the unspecified future, on a remote planet of a neighboring solar system. Occupying the planet is a family of space pioneers, whose own conflicts are interrupted by a galactic one—a race of deadly machines on a wayward mission to obliterate all life in the universe.

The brave Angus family, the mysterious Jack Knight, and reluctant hero, Thomas Clark, face an unforeseen adventure that will unite them in a way their differences had previously forbid…

Space Prairie is . . .

Sci-Fi, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Western, Romp, Classic, “Old Hollywood”, Grand, Scope, Orchestral, Dramatic, Action, Humor, Fun, Family-friendly


Meet Producer/Director, Wes Brooks…

Wes Brooks Director Producer iconI began writing Space Prairie in 2013. My intention was to cast my close friends in the roles. I had big aspirations for the project, and wanted to share it with my circle of friendships.

Several friends have remained on the project, but most of them have left. I found that many of my friends’ schedules impaired them from committing to a feature-length film production.

In 2014, with a renewed seriousness and amplified determination to produce the film, I am enlarging the potential for the film to be made by opening a broader gate: Auditions.

Space Prairie has three principal characters whom await the right people to play them. Maybe you’re the one…

That’s what the Producer/Director is hoping to learn. After you have made a thorough reading of this page, and find interest in participating, you will make a personal Submission… (continue reading…)

Why make this film?

    • A great piece of entertainment will have been made.
    • It will be made by the collective ingenuity of the filmmaking team.
    • The filmmaking team will be made up of quality people.
    • It will be a time of great learning in filmmaking.
    • A meaningful experience is the heart behind the film.

What would I be getting into?

    • Space Prairie is an original piece. It is the lowest of a low-budget film, and is being made unconventionally. Each and every role on the film is a volunteer position.
    • Limited resources will be utilized to the fullest.
    • The film will not be forged as a product of industry, but as a creation whose participants are mutually invested in the imaginative atmosphere of the production.
    • The cast and crew will be entirely made up of young people.
    • It is an eight member cast. (Including the robot.)
    • The final cast and crew will be made up of a little over (or under) a dozen members.
    • The Production will begin this Summer and casts a long-term plan.
    • The film will shoot in the Peoria area (15 min. within Shoppes at Grand Prairie)
    • There is no capital involved in the film, but it is no less a serious project and positive experience that is being built.
    • There are over two dozen scenes. The runtime of the final film duration is predicted to reach a little under or a little over 100 minutes.

The heart behind the film…

Space Prairie is a sheer delight. Full of vibrancy, color, character, and an array of sweeping emotion in a vivid landscape. It is fun, charming, humorous, exciting, dramatic. It is a traditional film with tastes in the manner of Old Hollywood, fused with sci-fi traits of bursting images and erupting sounds to supplement the action-oriented chapters of the plot.

Space Prairie is a family adventure film, having the wonder, awe, fun, and silliness of a childish imagination, while having the complexity and pallets of an artfully constructed cinematic entry (in defiance against its shoestring budget).

The film has no confined budget, and is predicted to be made for under $500. The commitment and dedication of the people involved in the film, is the production’s highest asset.

The Producer/Director’s credentials…

    • Wes Brooks, under his banner, has made a handful of short films…
    • Wes Brooks has done professional work as a hired hand…

Space Prairie will be the Producer/Director’s first feature-length narrative production. He is prepared to lead the people he has assembled in the undertaking, with focus and precision. He is dedicated to the responsibilities of bringing the film to life with the people he has assembled.

Here’s what some of Space Prairie’s cast and crew think of the script…

  • “Impressive work.”
  • “It’s awesome! It’s like a book!”
  • “Witty.”
  • “You have a masterpiece in your hands.”

Creative Need

The Roles

The three Space Prairie roles whose shoes need filling…

Marion Angus — The “mother hen” of the Angus family clan. Warm, yet feisty, maternal character. She is soft and compassionate, yet plucky and assertive—a caring parent, an acute wife, and a shrewd woman.

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Thomas Clark — He is a “run-of-the-mill” businessman. He is straightforward, slightly dull. A romance buds between himself and the daughter of the Angus family. By the end of the story, he discovers in himself the hero he never knew existed.

Click Here for a Dialog sample

Jack Knight — Jack Knight is the “mercenary-type” character of mystery and great mystique. He was once an adventurer—a swashbuckler of the stars—before he, in his age, retired to the remote planet. He is quiet, hard-edged, brooding, obstinate, and grave in tone. He is a poet and a pessimist. (He wears an eye-patch.) 

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Upon your SubmissionThe Producer/Director will foster a dialog with you… regarding each and every question you may have, the possibility of your participation, and elaboration on further production details…

Before you begin a Submission…

To fill out the form (or send your email, directly), you must recognize that:

    • You have made a thorough reading of each word on this page, and are prepared to consent to its proposals, upon further dialog between yourself, and the Director/Producer.

I’ll break the “fourth wall”, here, for a moment… I’m not just interested in finding talented young people to inherit the roles I have written. I am interested in getting to know you, first and foremost. It’s very important to me who I work with, and the kind of people I’ll be working with for the next two years.

If you make a Submission, put your personality, color, tastes, values, and unadulterated self, into it. The purpose of that is for me to get a taste of who you are. If you’re an egocentric loudmouth, forget it. The cast and crew of Space Prairie will be made up of no less than quality individuals.

In your Submission, you must answer several questions or meet several requests…

The Director/Producer would like to know…
    • What is your name?
    • How old are you?
    • What grade are you in?
    • Where are you schooling?
    • What are your past acting experiences (if any)?
    • What role interests you?
    • Why do you want that role?
    • Why would you be good for that role?
    • How do you assess your time and schedule in relation to the Production Plan?
    • Include a picture of yourself. (Unless you have a publicly accessible link to a photo, you will need to send your photo by making your Submission an original email composition, on your behalf, verses filling in the field, below.)
    • Go beyond what these questions cover. Share about yourself.
    • What do you love most in life?

In your Submission, the Director/Producer wants to hear your voice.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Fill in the form, below,

or directly email

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