Space Prairie: Audrey, Production Status, and 2016

Space Prairie Cast Banner (01-09-15)

2015 has been a miraculous year.

Our feature film, Space Prairie, is nearing the end of production. On November 1st, we completed our outdoor scenes (just in the nick of time, too!) and have since been tackling our indoor scenes.

In August, the film faced an uncertain future concerning who would fill the shoes of one of our characters. Our previous actress—who hadn’t yet filmed with us, thankfully—had to step down due to scheduling conflicts. We then wondered, “Who’ll play Janice?” In October, the question became an answer!

Introducing Audrey…

Audrey iconOne of the highlights of the year was acting in James DeVita’s adaptation of The Prince & the Pauper in May. I played the prince while Audrey was a female Miles Hendon. We had a blast together. When the casting need arose, Audrey jumped out in my mind as a perfect possibility.

Like Kylee, Audrey has inherited the role that’s been passed on to her and has since made it her own. She’s been a splendid Janice, and most importantly, a wonderful seventh addition to our fun-lovin’ ensemble.

Lately, bad weather (and those who’ve been under the weather, such as myself) has deterred us from making progress. But if 2015 taught me anything (and a lot it did), it’s that my life is in God’s hands; and that there’s victory behind the veil of undesired circumstances.

Here’s believing for a sensational New Year! Let’s have it!

Upwards and onwards,




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