Space Prairie: Our Summer, Kylee, and Looking Ahead

Space Prairie Cast Banner (08-26-15)

It was an incredible summer for the cast and crew of Space Prairie. We completed 80% of the film. Before May, we were under 10% completed.

Alongside our rousing production progress was a huge change that was made to the Space Prairie ensemble, when actress Myranda Huerta had to step down from her role as Lily Angus…

Kylee (08-26-15 icon)Introducing Kylee…

Kylee Oswald, our youngest member of the cast, inherited the role of Lily Angus and has since transformed the character into her own. Kylee has been a joyous addition and has elevated the production to great heights.

Join Us (08-26-15 icon)A Casting Need…

The Space Prairie cast faces another major change: Actress Sarah Shelburne has had to step down from her role as Janice Knight. As Janice is the least prominent character, we had not yet filmed with Sarah and will not need to re-film any of Janice’s scenes. We are currently searching for a young actress to accept the role of Janice and join us on our journey to the finish line. Want to hop aboard the bandwagon of filmmaking vivacity and join our ambitious youth production? Contact Me! Don’t listen to yourself if you think you’re too busy to contact me—’cause the rest of us are bustling busy beavers, too! Perspiration is temporary—art is permanent.

Row of Cast (08-26-15 graphic)

The Finish Line…

With the beginning of the school year, scheduling filming dates has increased in difficulty. But the crew and I are continuing to give it all we’ve got—to finish the final 20% of what will make for an unforgettable motion picture.

Upwards and onwards,




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