Space Prairie: Timothy Cleveland

After five months of silence on the WBP website, the silence is now broken with celebratory news…

Timothy Cleveland photo icon (for 06-18-15)Fourteen months after I began searching for the young people that would desire to do our feature film, Space Prairie, our seven-member cast is now fully rounded up.

Yesterday, we welcomed Timothy Cleveland to the cast. He will be playing the role of Jack Knight—a brooding and mysterious figure. The cast and I have no doubt that Timothy will be a fine addition to our ensemble, and that he’ll mesmerize us with his performance.

Space Prairie Cast Banner (06-18-15)

With my scholastic responsibilities, theater endeavors, and other video/editing commitments behind me, I am now fully engrossing myself in the world of Space Prairie. Our filming has gotten off the ground, beautifully, but we’ve got a ton-of-a-lot more progress to make before the curtain comes down in August. Our prayer is that everything will align as it needs to. We have faith that it will. We will be done when we need to be!

It’s a race, friends. I’m going to eat and breathe Space Prairie, daily, as my fingers fly and our tape is rolled!

Upwards and onwards,



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