Welcome 2015


Entering 2015, the next twelve months has a different path in store than that which 2014 had. Particularly, for the website and this blog.

Last year, I wrote a Monthly Reflection for each month of the year after WBP was launched in February. In them, I wrote about my projects, my thoughts, and highlights of my personal life.

2014 Monthly Reflections banner (01-15-15)

A collage of each 2014 monthly graphic

This year, I am discontinuing these posts. Only irregular posts on Space Prairie will continue to be made.

The actor who will play Jack Knight, our remaining character left to cast, has yet to join us (refer to A Reflection on December). If he does, my next post will introduce him. Beyond that, I expect very few posts will be made—if any.

2014 was focused on the birth of Wes Brooks Productions, its first few projects, and its main project, Space Prairie. Where 2014 began the production, 2015 will finish it. Updating the website is no longer a priority of mine, and won’t be for many, many months.

2014 was mainly focused on seeking and discovering the cast for the film. With everyone in place, it’s…

Upwards and onwards,




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