Space Prairie: Meet Myranda

Meet Myranda graphic

This post is dedicated to the introduction of our newest member of the Space Prairie ensemble. In September, we welcomed Myranda Dee Huerta to the cast. Myranda will fulfill the role of Lily Angus.

You’ll recall from August’s Space Prairie: Cast & Crew that the original actress to play this character stepped down from the role. I searched for possible cast members from that point, forward.

In August, a friend of Myranda and I put us into contact with each other. And it turned out, we’d already met! You’ll recall from A Reflection on June, that I spent a week in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for a youth summer camp. There, I met Myranda.

Myranda photo icon (for 12-30-14)My intent on going to Lake Geneva was (1. to have a good time, and (2. to meet potential cast members for the film. When I met Myranda, I judged she’d be too busy for the film. Little did I know that she already had the film on her mind!

Before Lake Geneva, this friend of ours had introduced Myranda to Wes Brooks Productions and the project that I was working on—none other than Space Prairie. She was interested in the project before I knew her name.

When Myranda and I met in June, she didn’t mention that she knew who I was and knew about the film because she didn’t want to be pushy.  I may have mentioned that I was hoping to cast a young actress in my film, but I didn’t assert that she could be a part of it because I didn’t want to be too pushy!

The breadth of our time together in Lake Geneva was roughly twenty minutes of playing ping pong and talking. The next time we would meet was for our Space Prairie cast gathering, introducing Myranda to the group, on October 25th.

Myranda joined the film in September, fourteen days before we began filming our first major scene on September 28th.

Cast banner (12-30-14)

The Space Prairie Cast (as of 12/30/14)

All four major casting decisions that I’ve made since April have been of people that I met in Lake Geneva—and the first of those four casting decisions was Luke Unsicker, who invited me to the camp! There’s a story behind how each cast member came to be a part of the film.

Myranda has been a tremendous addition to the Space Prairie gang. By our second time with her for our November 15th rehearsal, it felt like she’d belonged with us since the beginning—like we’d come full circle and were now a family. Myranda is very lively, bubbly, and full of excitement, overflowing with enthusiasm for the film and passion for her role. She will portray her role excellently, and will breathe life into the film that couldn’t be breathed without her.

Six cast members down—one to go: the actor who will portray the character of Jack Knight. There will be more on this point, in A Reflection on December.

On November 15th, Jeremiah, Emily, and Myranda recorded voiceovers for a Space Prairie teaser—a short film for Wes Brooks Productions, 2015. It is, With Each Onward Dawn. You’ll see it released, tomorrow!

Upwards and onwards,



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