A Reflection on September

September, 2014

A spectacular September has reached its end, and the breathtaking adventure has begun. Space Prairie has launched.

At the rise of the month, I wrestled with a question that, until I asked it, I hadn’t dared ask: Should we begin production without having the actress we need to fulfill a principal role? A role, that, past our first scene, is prominent?

Another question I wrestled: Should we begin production, even though the colors of autumn will present an inconsistency contesting the greener landscapes of the spring and summer to come?

My answer to the first and second questions escalated as one-and-the-same: Yes!

For over a year, I’d worked to build the production up to the point of entry. We didn’t have everyone we needed to make the full feature film, but we had everyone we needed to begin it. For the first time since Space Prairie‘s creative birth, the path to begin filming had opened—I took it.

Secondly, either the contrast between a spring/summer and autumn landscape is a visual inconsistency, or it is an unusual opportunity. I abandoned a first glance of practical hesitation, in exchange of creative embrace. Autumn, additionally, is my most cherished season of the year.

On Tuesday, September 16th, with celebration, we began production on Space Prairie. On September 28th, we began filming the first major sequence of the film. Shortly after we began production, the actress we’ve needed was gloriously fulfilled.

The third and most exciting chapter of Wes Brooks Productions, 2014, which all previous chapters has built up to, has begun, and with it, the new adventure—its challenges and wonders—will tell a story of dream to reality

Upwards and onwards,



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