Space Prairie: Cast & Crew

Space Prairie blog post graphic (08-20-14)

So, with the title of our film: Space Prairie, having been sufficiently sounded, it’s time to introduce those that make up its principal Cast and Crew…

Last week, we as a cast and crew held a group gathering. For the first time as an ensemble, we ran through the script of Space Prairie. Through its pages, front to back, our characters became airborne…

Typed lines became voices, as will written description become sight. A void previously filled by imagination, shall be fulfilled by these faces…

Cast and Crew graphic (08-20-14)


JEREMIAH NOAR – Thomas Clark

Not yet cast – Lily Angus

LUKE UNSICKER – Jethro Angus

EMILY HODGES – Marion Angus

WES BROOKS – “Papa” John Angus

Not yet cast – Jack Knight


ROBIE JR. – Himself

OMNIBOT 5402 – Name withheld


Director/Cameraman – WES BROOKS

Lead Cameraman – CALEB FISCHER

Makeup/Costuming – EJ NEWTON

Our makeup and costumes enthusiast, EJ Newton, is the only one of us not pictured above. While she, along with Caleb Fischer (pictured far right), will not be in front of the Space Prairie lens, EJ undoubtedly would’ve been happy to have posed for this preluding photo shoot, if not rendered unable to make it for our gathering.

You’ve gotten acquainted with the names and faces. But in the coming months, as more of our film is unveiled, you’ll get to know them…

A few days after introducing Space Prairie, an unfortunate reality presented itself. A cast member, one that had been on the production since its raw beginnings, abruptly left the project, sincerely stepping down from her role. There are two outcomes this circumstance has presented…

Firstly, an unsuspecting young actress who will find herself in the shoes of the role, has an adventure to look forward to! Secondly, I find myself catapulted back into how I spent my summer: searching for those whom would fill the void of the characters of the written page—characters which, as of several days ago, I wrote more than a year ago.

You’ll note there are two characters whose portrayers remain nameless. Space Prairie has two acts. An Act I, and an Act II. The character of Jack Knight does not appear until the culminating scenes of Act I, near its end. Once Production begins, the earliest of Act I’s scenes, is our sole focus. For the actor that would play Jack Knight, my motto has rung, When we need him, we’ll have him…

The crucial difference between this character, and the other, Lily Angus, is this:  We need Lily Angus to enter Production. Once the actress is “signed and sealed” aboard, the gang and I are a stone’s toss away from rolling on Scene 1…

Our casting quest continues. I invite you to take part in it. Take a look at our Film Production Call.

The circumstances that will lead to the fulfillment of our full cast is uncertain. But the fulfillment, regardless, I trust… is certain.

Here’s to keeping the faith and plowing forwards…

Upwards and onwards,





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