Space Prairie

Introducing Space Prairie final graphicAfter three months of buildup, it is my celebratory pleasure to introduce the film production that April, May, June, and July have led to.

Believe me, it was an exercise in stretching the sentiment, “I’m working on something, but hope to reveal the project soon,” over these spring and summer months of WBP. Today, we lift the curtain.

Our production is that of a feature film. Its name is Space Prairie.

Space Prairie logo (08-02-14) banner

Space Prairie is a comedic sci-fi adventure film. More vividly, Space Prairie is a sci-fi, action, space western, comedy, romance, romp…

Space Prairie is a light, tongue-in-cheek festivity of adventure. It is warm, full of color, flavor, and imaginative avidity.

Space Prairie script graphic

I began writing Space Prairie in the spring of 2013. In the months, onward, I began to build up those whom I’d envisioned for the production.

In August of 2013, the effort entered a hiatus. I resuscitated the project in April of 2014, dusting off the script, and plowing into Pre-Production where I’d left off. Through April, May, June, and July, Pre-Production saw the amassment of those whom would make up its final cast and crew.

With the principal cast now in place, we are entering the final stages of Pre-Production, and will excitedly “sound the gun” and begin Production, this month.

The film projects a large scope, and holds a large commitment for everyone involved. Production will not conclude until the fall of next year. Space Prairie is the biggest project any of us will have ever taken on.

Space Prairie script graphic 2

I am Producing and Directing the film, and will portray one of its principal characters. I will introduce the cast and crew, in the days, ahead.

2014 has built up to this moment. As we prepare to boldly step into the journey of production and launch the Space Prairie rocket into full flight, I hope you’ll join us for the adventure…

Upwards and onwards,





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