A Commencement: New Domain, Facebook, & Production Call

Hey friends,

Here we are for the first mid-month post since the spring. That is, a post in between a monthly open and monthly curtain. Been awhile, hasn’t it? This post is dedicated to two things. It is a commemoration for an attribute of the website, that up until now, has been a foreign one. Secondly, it presents the launch of a new avenue for Wes Brooks Productions.

Eight days ago, a new domain was registered. A web address that has never existed in the history of the internet. It is now the new home of Wes Brooks Productions.

www.wesbrooksproductions.com in browser

Quite frankly, I’m a little surprised I never registered a domain before the launch of the site. At least, that’s how I feel, now. All year, I’ve flown with the subdomain granted by the facilitator of this website (WordPress.com). Truthfully, the subdomain never bothered me, until recently. Prolonging the purchase of the domain was my way of launching a website, blog, and film release, with a carefree creativity under a penniless jurisdiction. My being an avid WordPress enthusiast didn’t have me antsy, either. However, it was my intention to eventually register a domain. By the time I registered the domain, I was really ready for it—eager to usher in the true home of the website.

We now have a static homepage. Formerly, the blog was the home of the website. Now, in the proper evolution of WesBrooksProductions.com, the blog is its own page.

homepage (07-08-14)

Facebook is a great platform. A great platform for community. A great platform for communication—whether textual or visual. Wes Brooks Productions can now be found on Facebook, as its own page.

WBP Facebook header (07-08-14)

My intention in creating it, is to involve the community—my community of people, native to my hometown of Peoria, Illinois and its surrounding communities. So far, Wes Brooks Productions has been broadly directed towards the worldwide vista, without much local input. I’d like to reverse that a bit. Involvement in local community, and those in it, is most important to me. Of course, the Facebook page also extends open arms to the rest of the world.

If you visit the Facebook page, you will see posts I am making regarding a film project, and its need. A need which I am promoting as a Production Call. Know anyone interested in acting? Know any young people that would have interest in being a part of a film? For preexisting readers of the blog, this is the project I have been working on. For those who will remain on the public end of WBP, you’ll be kept guessing until the unveiling of the project. 😉

If my Production Call sparks anything in your mind, contact me.

All of these things—a freshly opened domain name, a Facebook page, and a Production Call—all serve to proclaim…

Upwards and onwards,



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