July & Onward

July & Onward

Every morning, I have a tradition. The first thing each day is opened with, is a walk. Everyday, I will traverse down the same pathway that is surrounded by lush greenery and a blossoming sunrise.

Last night, the sounds of a humid June thunderstorm complimented the sight of pouring rain, illuminated only by artificial light in the darkness.

I slept, hoping I would awake to find my pathway dry, lush with greenery, and in the blue sky—behind white wispy clouds—a blossoming sunrise, to welcome me with warmth and light. Furthermore, I hoped to find a picture for this post.

For the first time in my tradition, my camera sat at my side. I’d strapped it around my shoulder. But for most of the morning, the camera joined the landscape around me.

While beginning my walk, with camera in hand, my gaze was leftward, approaching a flower. I saw a picture. I didn’t know what it was, yet, but I soon snapped it. That picture sits above, to embody the birth of July.

When I awoke, today, I lifted the window shade to speculate if I’d have a picture or not. I saw an unclear display of patchy gray and a flicker of blue. I was unsure if I’d have a picture. Although I was unsure, I still brought my camera.

Everyday, when you set out to venture on your pathway, have the faith to expect a blessing. And bring “your camera”. You want to make sure you are prepared to receive it.

This month, it is an irrevocable promise, that I will reveal the project I have been working on. I look forward to it.

We’ve reached past the halfway point of the year. I have no doubt the next half will be as spectacular.

Together, let’s seek an abundant month, friends. Here’s to July!

Upwards and onwards,



One comment

  1. Really love the early morning picture. The framing, composition,etc is just great. You have such good eyes to see things other people miss. Don’t forget to enjoy your devotions sometime during the day. Relax, close your eyes and feel Gods’ presence all around you. He sure does love you! And I love you, too. Grammy


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