Trekkies Into Darkness: A Year Ago, Today…

Hey friends,

With confidence, I can proclaim: it’s summertime! I’ve had many joyous summers over the years. One stands out when I consider today’s date.

When I wrote the last post and sincerely said, “I am distancing myself from the website. I will not make a post until the conclusion of the month,” I did indeed have it in my mind to make this post. I thought it’d be a fun surprise to throw out.

A year ago, today, I began filming what would become our first release: Trekkies Into Darkness. For the star of the film, May 27th marks the day her anti-Trek facade crumbled in a sweeping turn to Trekdom.

Sophie Salutes

Sophie in Trekkies Into Darkness

I thought I’d ask Sophie, and our co-star, James Ware, to reminisce about that fateful day. In relation to the film, I also asked Sophie and James to reflect on finally seeing the film.

Sophie Recollects…

The day on which I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness is probably one of the first days that jumps into my mind when I think of “Summer 2013”.

Star Trek certainly set the vibe for June, and it carried on through the rest of the summer (although July felt more The Hunger Games, and Pirates of the Caribbean claimed August).

Seeing Star Trek Into Darkness “altered the destiny” of Summer 2013, as Spock Prime would say. Summer 2013 was certainly a memorable one, due largely in part to my Star Trek fandom.

Seeing Trekkies Into Darkness was wonderful because it allowed me to relive that fateful day and those following it. And now, one year later, I may just head over to Wes Brooks Productions to relive it again.

Live Long and Prosper…


While we can all continue to marvel at Sophie’s pro-Trek transformation, some things will never change (or so she thinks…), as Sophie’s exclamatory P.S. would indicate. Pardon her loud fashion…


James trailer title

James in Trekkies Into Darkness Feature Trailer
James recollects…

Hello everyone!

Firstly, it is an incredible honor to be involved with this post on Wes’ fabulous blog. Thank you for inviting me, Wes! It’s amazing that it has been an entire year since we first filmed Trekkies Into Darkness.

Before I reminisce on the day itself, let me explain how we ended up going to see Star Trek Into Darkness in the first place. When I first heard that there was going to be a sequel to Star Trek (2009), I was not too excited. My indifference toward Into Darkness was such that I had not even watched the trailer yet. A co-worker finally showed the trailer to me. It gave me hope that Into Darkness may be a bit better than 2009. I decided that I wanted to see this film in theaters.

As the release date was around Wes’ birthday, I invited him along. A few days later that Sophie asked to join us. I then invited Anna. Soon after, Grace and EJ jumped on the proverbial bandwagon. After innumerable emails, we all decided we would go to see the film on May 27th, 2013.

That morning my excitement was uncontainable. This was the very first Star Trek film I would be able to see in theaters.

That afternoon I got on my suit and waited for Wes to arrive at my home. When I walked out of my front door I saw him filming. I vaguely recall him telling me that he was going to document the experience on film but I had no idea what he was planning!

Sophie and her sisters arrived at the theater, quickly followed by Anna. We walked into the theater and sat down. (Trying to figure out the seating arrangements could have been a film all by itself!)

We watched the film and went back to Wes’ apartment to film a post-viewing review. Again, I had no idea what he was planning to do with the footage. As you know, this was not the end of the story. Sophie’s remarkable transformation into a Trekkie occurred within the next few days.

The premiere of Trekkies Into Darkness was a great extravaganza! Wes’ superb editing blew me away! I was in awe of what he was able to put together with our somewhat disjointed raw footage. His opening sequence was incredible. I love how he wove Trek memorabilia together to create a visually interesting opening sequence. My favorite scene was the sequence with Spock the frog. That added a fun lighthearted moment.

Well, those are my thoughts. The past year has brought about a great deal of change. Trekkies Into Darkness stands out as one of the greatest highlights. It is a review, documentary, drama, and comedy all rolled into one. More importantly, it is the chronicle of friendships. Through all the incredible changes of the past year, Sophie, Wes, John, Anna, Grace, EJ, and I have all remained friends and I’m certain that we will remain so for many years to come!


Trekkies Into Darkness Main Feature poster

The Trekkies Into Darkness Main Feature poster

In celebration of Trekkies Into Darkness, the film is now re-released as is playing in The Theater.





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