A Reflection on April

April 2014Hey friends,

I must say, from where I do life, the weather sure took awhile to make up its mind whether or not to be spring. Well, April has finally made the claim of greener grasses, bluer skies, and warmer air. Although, earlier in the month, it did snow. I kid you not.

April has been a drastically different month than any other, this year. For one, I didn’t release a single thing. April has been clearing the cobwebs and making the way for the trail I’m setting off to blaze, this May.

Since there are no releases to look back on in April, let’s skim over the posts I made. In Recuperation, I expressed my tiredness and need for rest after burning out at the end of March. A bit of a similar turbulence stretched across the first days of this month. A Reflection on March took way longer to be posted than I would’ve liked. Oh well. I’ll coin a saying, “When the performer winces, the audience asks why…”

Before A Reflection on March, I wrote Viewpoint Wins. It was simply wonderful to be acknowledged, congratualated, and honored by the folks we did Viewpoint for.

Introducing Robie Jr. was a fun one. Robie was a large fixture of my younger days, and is a bit of an icon of my childhood. It’s great to have him back. The post was quite nice, on a more idiosyncratic level, too, in that the post divided two monthly curtain posts. Whew!

April has purposefully been a more low key month for the website. Once again, I’ve been clearing cobwebs and setting the stage for something I’ll shed barely anymore light on, if any, in the next post.

One crucial part of the website was added over the past few days, however. Hallelujah, after three months, I finally got around to writing and publishing the About page!

Aside from the public side of Wes Brooks Productions, I did some private things. Through my homeschool enrichment co-op, I portrayed the character of Motel in Fiddler on the Roof. Last year, we did a show, and I produced a forty minute documentary on it. I also did an amusing featurette, in which James Ware (of Trekkies Into Darkness fame), satirically interviewed members of the cast. I was able to have it all put to the DVD. The co-op got a real kick out of it. I wanted to do something like that, again, this year.

I’ve also had a couple of video projects I’m doing, as a hired hand—a pretty new frontier for me. Here’s to the frontiers, ahead. See you at dawn.

Upwards and onwards,



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