Viewpoint Wins

Viewpoint Win comic

Greetings friends,

An appropriate amount of time, spent in much needed recuperation, has transpired since I saw myself a beached whale and lightheartedly admitted so, in April 2’s post, Recuperation.

It’s going to feel good, getting things back up and running, after a fruitful time of rest. Having risen up, ready to take on a blooming spring and spirited summer-to-come, I’d like to revel in a celebratory manner, before doing so. This post serves as such.

Viewpoint: A Convention of States, the lively production of March, was produced as an entry into the Convention of States project’s scholarship contest, by the Citizens for Self-Governance, as you’ll recall. I produced the thing alongside a buddy, and now, frequent collaborator, TR Hoffman.

Two exciting words spells it all: We won!

On April 1st, I saw an inaugural arrival in the inbox for my newly spawned productions email. Before reading the email, the subject bar, which read, “Congratulations”, spared me from holding my breath in peaked anticipation of what COS had to say.

When I sent Dad a text message revealing to him the victory, he naturally thought I was providing him an April Fools Day sentiment. I assured him, I wasn’t.

TR and I won the Staff Choice Award. Going into it, I knew there was no way we’d win the utmost crown: the Viral Award. This attitude was not a lack of confidence or determination, but a realistic bearing derived from this fact: the contest’s finish line was drawn, March 31st. We shot Viewpoint on March 19th. I submitted the film, on the 22nd. That wasn’t a lot of time to earn a quantity of votes. But I’ll tell you how many we did get. Viewpoint received 59 votes—far from a poor performance.

I heavily promoted the film through Facebook, as my family and friends circulated the video and its voting page, just as much as I. I believe TR shared out our film, as well.

I knew going for the Viral Award was a longshot. The outcome reverberated this expectation. But I’d went for it, anyway. However, the outcome far surpassed my expectations. Thanks to all of my dear friends and family who participated in the campaign for Viewpoint—with salutes to those who rank as the first followers of this website and WB Productions, 2014.

Wes and TR (05-03-14)
Wes and TR, post-win

The Staff Choice Award was what I aimed for from the start. I knew what we’d put together—its wit, writing, snappiness, acting, cutting, and gimmickry, would present an appealing submission. I think winning the Staff Choice is an honor that surpasses getting the most votes, I feel.

I called TR, that evening, and broke the news to him. He was in awe. As he’d said on February’s This Time in History: The Battle of Gettysburg, “We gotta do this more often.” I cannot predict when Chet McCrimpson and his sparring pal will return for a third installment, but I’m confident it won’t be anytime soon. Regardless of our iconic characters, TR has been a terrific collaborator, who I wish to work with, again—whether on a school assignment that winds up being a video release, or a creative contest that calls for a couple guys to show what they can come up with.

Before I go, and reunite with you in a curtain post for March, let me tell a story about the prize money. I’ll be getting a check from the fine folks at COS, for $250, sometime soon. After shooting Viewpoint, I gave TR a couple of quarters. He would not accept it. He said, “Come on, what can I do with that?” I replied, “You can buy two pieces of bubble gum for your little brothers.” I insisted he take it. He wouldn’t. Perhaps a legitimate fear struck him: if we won, I’d get the full wad and he had his quarters. The day before we won, I told TR, in person, “If we win, I’d like to give you a Franklin.” His eyes lit up. I added, “That couple of quarters was just a tease.” I say all this to conclude, the mutual success that is relished by sharing the dough, is far more rewarding than hogging it, ever would be. I can assure you this…

That $150 of mine will go to good use, right along with those words…

Upwards and onwards,


Thanks to COS for holding such a great contest, and providing such a phenomenal opportunity.



  1. On May 12th, I inserted a photo of TR and I, that was taken on May 3rd. Formerly, in the place of the photo and its current caption, a photoless caption read, “If there is no photo of Wes and TR, here, by Monday—as fate would not permit a photo of such taken, today—I permit you to then hold me accountable…”


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