Votes for Viewpoint

Hey friends,

It turns out, that the submission of Viewpoint: A Convention of States into the Convention of States project’s scholarship contest, is dependent on votes in order to win.

There is another way to win, however, as the self-explanatory Staff Choice Award would suggest, but we want to lead the crusade for obtaining as many votes on Viewpoint as you and I can make possible, before March 31st.

Faced with competition and a short span of time before the ballot box is taken away and a victor is named, winning the Viral Award, which our being a finalist eligible for the greater sum, would withhold, is an aggressive goal—but no less worth going for!

Viewpoint Vote comic

A vote can be placed once every twenty-four hours. Voting is achieved through a Facebook account, on an exclusive page, independent of the globe’s social media autocracy…

The Voting Page

Vote Here

for Wes Brooks Productions to win the Convention of States scholarship contest

Voting page link:

In the meantime, enjoy the expansive post introducing and showcasing Viewpoint: A Convention of States, the film’s page, and the film, itself, with what March has rolled out, thus far. I’m pleased to say, that March’s next entry will be making a triumphant debut, very soon.

See ya soon,




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