Welcoming March

Welcome friends,

I hope the past twelve days of March have been a marvelous one. For me, the month has not been without struggle. But to have overcome challenge when faced with it, is far more worthy of life, than to have surrendered to it.

March, the second month of Wes Brooks Productions, 2014, has some great stuff in store. Since the release of Trekkies Into Darkness, last month, I have promised the finalization of the Trekkies Into Darkness page. I have been laboriously building up to it, with the scribing of its in-depth sections, analysis, and reflections, all of a “behind the scenes” nature.

TID logo centered

Before I proudly reveal it to you, there is an important reality to be solemnly stated of it. It was with initial hesitance, soon followed by incredible relief, that I made the heartfelt decision not to pursue finishing The Making Of.

After much work and scrutiny on the page’s other main sections, it became clear to me that crafting the mammoth Making Of, while pursuing my future endeavors, is not a reality—nor humanly feasible. My goal was to finish The Making Of by the end of the month. Well, not only would I have not met this goal, but I would have not had much of a month.

A most ugly possibility, was that I could rush my writing it. Still, that option does not present as much ease as banging utter gibberish, would. Much time would have been spent in rolling out a sloppy, unfurnished narrative, that I would not be proud of.

My aspirations for The Making Of is one of an autobiographical proportion of detail, richness, and wholeness, that I would be immensely fulfilled by, as a well written memoir. I still wish to do so for good ol’ Trekkies Into Darkness, but now is no longer the time.

When claiming the future, one cannot dwell in the past. Simply put, I lack omnipotence.

While The Making Of will be a glimmer for the future, many sections of the Trekkies Into Darkness page, are now standing proudly.

Let’s take a look…

The Trekkies Into Darkness page

* External pages—visit the main page, first.

Enter Trekkies Into Darkness

TID Foursome cropped

The Studio (01-25-14)

The” writing studio”
(Taken on the day of the This Time in History: The Battle of Gettysburg shoot, in late January)

I must say, there was quite an alarming occurrence that took place, one day, while working on the page. I opened the document, “Trekkies Into Darkness.doc”, and instead of my work, popped up, “This document could not be opened”.

With each day of progress, I duplicated the file as a backup. I attempted to open the backup. Up popped a familiar message, “This document could not be opened.”

I’ve never reacted so calmly at a situation like this in my life. When thinking back to years ago, when Windows Movie Maker would occasionally conk out on me, and my unsaved work was made as if never begun, rage, like the waters of a dam, filled me. I would curse the machinery, run downstairs, and cry and whine with much intensity, flopping on the bed of our guest room. It is an incredibly discouraging feeling. The optimism you had of your project, is burnt at the stake, replaced with a sunken gut, lumped throat, and unceasing “Why!?” spelled from the lips—that pathetic shift of emotional condition.

But not here, in 2014. I stared blankly at the computer monitor, rolled up my sleeves, and refused to believe my document was lost. While cooking oatmeal for breakfast, I hopped over to the desktop and researched my problem.

I tried a few proposed remedies. They didn’t work. I tried a few more proposed remedies. They didn’t work. So, I closed off the internet, and had an idea of my own. I opened my corrupted document through Microsoft’s Notepad. A bunch of nonsensical characters and symbols plagued the space I saw. At least I could open the thing.

I scrolled down a ways, and there was my original text. Yes, I had to delete every space that separated each letter of the flawed document, the next morning, but nevertheless, my work was there.

I only needed to recover the Introduction through the Full Plot, as the rest was intact in preexisting backups. My continuation of writing, fired on. I did quite a bit of rewriting with drafts, too.

Even though The Making Of won’t be making the scene as expected, expect an unexpected addition to the Trekkies Into Darkness annals, this month.

Enjoy what lies on the Trekkies Into Darkness page. 🙂 Now, let’s place our attention on what March will bring…

  • An audio commentary of Trekkies Into Darkness, featuring Wes Brooks and Sophie Newton.
  • A short film, Who Will Survive, that was shot in March of 2013, in Tucson, Arizona. It was one of the best days of my life, and the best directing job I’ve ever done, even since. I will begin post-production, soon.
  • Remember Chet? His “pal”, Lawrence? They might be making a short comeback.

Here’s to overcoming the challenges life hurls at us, so we can summit them with our accomplishments.

See you soon.

Upwards and onwards,





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