A Reflection on February

Feb 2014

With the advancement of the years, it is a truth held by most everybody that the years don’t seem to be growing any slower. It has become apart of the human psyche to be swept away by the hastening currents of time. It is a cycle of life a growing mass of people can relate to. It can even be a helpless feeling, as one is taken aback by how the future so quickly became a flash before his eyes.

Well, would you believe me if I told you I have broken this “truth”? I have successfully slowed the passage of time.

Since December of 2013, I rolled up my sleeves and got to it. I began editing Trekkies Into Darkness, and prepared for the launch of Wes Brooks Productions—something I’ve dreamt for many years.

At the turn of the decade, I underwent a remarkable experience. One of such delicacy, depth, profound trauma, and vast enlightenment, it cannot be fully expressed, here. Nor do I wish to do so, in what is to be a light, celebratory post.

But what I will say of my experience, right now, is irrefutably celebratory—that I have reached the point where I am empowered to take the first steps on the newfound pathway of life. And as far as this website and its contents are concerned, begin building, at long last, Wes Brooks Productions.

On December 31, the first cut of Trekkies Into Darkness was completed. On January 31, the final cut of Trekkies Into Darkness was completed. And since February 1st, it has been a joyride making content for the film, eventually releasing the film and holding a premiere, filming, editing, and releasing the educational and silly This Time in History: The Battle of Gettysburg, which was made in the latter of January along with its blooper reels, writing blog posts, and frantically, although with confidence, meeting the deadlines I’ve set for myself. The year has been an exhilarating one, and a whole lot of fun. The exciting part is, it has only just begun!

Here’s the secret to the slowing of time: accomplishment. And as one who has beheld it, it is a most sweet taste.

Going into the fresh month of March, the Trekkies Into Darkness page, which increases with epic scale as my fingertips have set it, ablaze, will be finalized. The page for This Time in History: The Battle of Gettysburg, will be given equal structure. And a new film will be in the works for release. Not to mention, that About page will be scribed, once and for all.

I invite you to take the journey with me. 2014 has great things ahead of us, for those willing to claim them.

I extend my blessings to you, who have been the first to grace these posts and pages. I hope a fantastic February was yours as much as mine, and here’s to a marvelous March, as we proclaim…

Upwards and onwards,



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