Trekkies Into Darkness is Here!

Since I made the last edit on the long-awaited Trekkies Into Darkness and called the film complete on January 31st (after beginning the film eight months after it was shot), the past ten days of the month’s kickoff have been an exhilarating one as I’ve attentively rolled out exciting trailers and colorful posters, all in the wonderfully short time span leading up to today: the worldwide release of the quirky, joyous, fandom-filled docudrama, Trekkies Into Darkness.

Trekkies Into Darkness Main Feature poster

The Main Feature Poster

The film can now be seen from its first frame to closing credits on the Now Playing page, which serves as the newly opened illustrious digital theater for this film, and the films to come.

But even with the release of Trekkies Into Darkness, there are still things to look forward to involving the picture:

  • The expansion of this website in the continually developing Trekkies Into Darkness page, which will elevate to broader heights with an extensive Behind The Scenes or Making Of section that I look forward to sharing, alongside the Poster Gallery, Trailer Gallery, and even an assortment of snapshots from the film, perhaps. Who knows what else I’ll have up my sleeve!
  • On February 8th, a Trekkies Into Darkness Premiere was held with much pomp and fanfare. All who were in the film were invited along with additional members of the private Nerd Con group (Trekkies Into Darkness, at present, is Nerd Con’s only public appearance). The evening was a wonderful time of starry-eyed fun and frolic, and a Trekkies Into Darkness Premiere Event video will be released on February 15th. Additionally, some photos from our red carpet extravaganza may pop up. 😉

Also, I’d like to proudly point out that this marks the inaugural post of this website; the first of many more to come as we proclaim…

Upwards and onwards,

For time eternal:




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